Environment Policy

I am very concerned about the impact of environmental changes, whether it is the effect of pollution on people’s health, or the impact of rising sea levels on whole communities. I personally suffered health issues when I spent several years living in an extremely polluted city.

While I already try to protect the environment, I recognise that I need to do more! Therefore, I’ve decided to change the way I work in order to reduce my own impact on the environment.

I will use a green energy supplier.
I will switch off electrical items when not in use, including computer equipment.
I will lower the setting on central heating.

I will source coursebooks and other teaching resources from suppliers with an environmental policy.
I will reuse and recycle paper.
I will use recycled paper.
I will reduce printing and photocopying.

I will reduce food waste.
I will reduce the use of plastics and single-use items.
I will purchase more drink products in reusable glass bottles.

I will continue to walk to places in my local area as much as possible, rather than using my car.
I will travel by public transport to face-to-face work events where possible.
I will take direct flights, fly economy and pack light.

I will raise awareness of environmental issues within lessons.
I will engage students in relevant environment topics.

I will communicate clearly and openly about my environmental impact.
I will raise awareness of environmental issues.
I will take part in discussions about the environment, both locally and in the ELT field.

I will support local environmental projects.