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Helen Louise - Link English Language Training

More about me

I am Helen Louise and I’ve been teaching English for almost 30 years now. I’ve worked in many different countries and have taught hundreds of students. I now live in Malvern in Worcestershire, UK.

In September 2018, I went to an English for healthcare conference in Exeter. That’s where I first heard about the Occupational English Test.  That was it for me! I dived into the world of English for healthcare, and I absolutely love it!

I’m a Premium Preparation Provider for the test. This means I provide expert help and support for your OET preparation.

I find English for healthcare very rewarding. I love that my clients help people with their health and well-being – two things very close to my heart.

“Helen has the insight, skills and experience to develop your fluency and understanding of the English language. Highly recommended for learners of all levels.”

Eamonn Mullally, Teacher & Educational leader

More about Link ELT

I set up my own company, LINK English Language Training, in 2018. Link is the name of the area of Malvern where I live. Also, using a language is all about linking and connecting with other people.

I never thought so many of my lessons would be online, but the COVID pandemic gave me the chance to connect with clients all over the world.

Currently, I work with learners in the UK, the USA, Spain, Australia and Switzerland! 

How I work

I believe I’m more than just a teacher! These values are important to me and my teaching.

Linking people

Language is for communicating and making connections.

Giving support

Language learning is a challenge.  I’m always here to help you.

Caring for others

Your health and well-being are priorities for me as your teacher.

“I personally recommend Helen as a teacher. She is dedicated to making sure her students are equipped with the necessary materials and resources for her lessons. She is an incredibly patient and understanding tutor, and helped me to feel comfortable and confident in both my English speaking and writing.”

Sofia Arriola, from Guatemala


My Qualifications:

Certificate in Online Tutoring, International House World Organisation;

Certificate in Advanced Methodology, International House World Organisation;

LCCI Certificate in Teaching English for Business, Frances King School of English, London;

RSA Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults International House, London;

BA (Hons) German Language and Linguistics, with Spanish, University of East Anglia.

Professional Associations

I am a member of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) and EALTHY (European Association of Language Teachers for Healthcare).

Five fun facts

I lived abroad for twenty years. I’ve spent time in Central America (Guatemala & Nicaragua), Bulgaria, Cyprus and Egypt.

I speak German and Spanish well, and also a little Bulgarian, Greek and Arabic.

When I’m not working, I love walking in the countryside. I am lucky to have the Malvern Hills on my doorstep.

I also enjoy reading fiction, watching films and drinking good coffee!

My favourite part of my day is when I get to spend time with my family.