Are you a healthcare professional who needs to use English to communicate with colleagues, patients and clients?

Do you need to take the Occupational English Test to work in an English-speaking country?

Using a different language in the workplace from the one you use at home isn’t easy! As an experienced English language teacher I can help you improve your language skills, so that you can communicate more effectively in English.  I can also provide expert help and support for your OET preparation.

Free 30-minute consultation

Interested?  Book a free 30-minute consultation with me.  This is a chance for you to meet me online and tell me more about the help you need.  You can then decide whether you would like to go ahead and book a course.

Helen Louise - Link English Language Training

About Link English Language Training

I am Helen Louise and I am passionate about helping people improve their English. For 20 years I lived and worked in countries where a language other than English was spoken. I’ve studied German and Spanish to quite a high level, and also learnt just enough Bulgarian, Greek and Arabic to get by. This took a lot of time and effort! These experiences helped me understand how important it can be to learn another language, as well as the challenges and frustrations. I often found it difficult to express myself clearly, or be confident that I understood what other people were saying or expecting me to do.

Specialising in English for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals face the specific of challenge of needing to communicate effectively with a wide range of people. I understand the need to adapt your language, including the vocabulary you use, depending whether you are speaking to other healthcare professionals, patients or their relatives.

The Occupational English Test is a widely recognised test of English language proficiency, and highly appropriate for healthcare professionals. As an approved OET teacher, I can help you understand exactly what is required in all the papers, and give you tips and strategies for gaining a high score.


Using a different language in the workplace from the one you use at home isn’t easy! It can be difficult to express yourself clearly, or to understand exactly what colleagues or patients are saying. This can lead to misunderstanding and problems which could potentially be very serious. I can help you improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills so that you feel more confident and can communicate more effectively with your colleagues, patients and clients.

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LinkELT offers:

Nurse in an English hospital

English for Healthcare

  • Are you planning to work or qualify in the UK?
  • Do you need to improve your English to communicate more effectively with your colleagues, patients or tutors?
  • LinkELT offers a range of courses in English for Healthcare will help you improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as your vocabulary and grammar.

Preparing for your OET Examination

Occupational English Test Preparation

  • One-to-one lessons for doctors or nurses preparing for the OET.
  • Understand exactly what is required for each paper, and learn tips and strategies for gaining a high score.
  • Receive detailed feedback on your writing and speaking, so that you can improve these skills and be ready to take OET with confidence.

Coffee break conversations can help your standard of English

General English

  • Improve your speaking, listening, reading or writing skills, and focus on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation as required.
  • Have a 30-minute English conversation lesson in your break!
  • Includes immediate, personalised feedback to help you improve your speaking skills and become more confident.

How to book

1. Apply

Fill in the application form and submit it to me.

2. Assessment

Have a free 20-minute consultation.

Do a short on line test to check your level (if appropriate).

3. Start lessons

Arrange the day and time of your lesson(s).

Make advance payment.

Get started!

Get going straight away

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What people say...

“The lessons are so helpful, and the tutor is patient and amazing.” 

  • Nurse & OET candidate

“Personally, I recommend Helen as an English instructor for OET. She is professional and always gives constructive comments. She helped me in improving my writing and speaking. Indeed it was her help and guidance that made the difference.” 

  • Heba, doctor and OET candidate